Friday, April 1, 2016

Yarn Dress, another McCall's 6887

It's finally spring! Time for sundresses everyday. I made another version of McCall's 6887, my third version. The other dresses are Halloween and fall appropriate. M6887 is just a simple scoop neck princess seam bodice with a paneled full-ish skirt. Sometimes it's just time to whip up something you know will fit and be cute. 

The fabric is from the Cotton + Steel Cat Lady collection. It has dancing yarn balls on it! This is basically what my house looks like. Just yarn in every corner. So obviously I had to incorporate yarn into this dress somehow!  I took a Madelinetosh Unicorn tail in the color Pop Rocks, and knitted a 4 stitch I-cord. I knitted almost the entire skein, cast off and then did another cord for the bow. 

I then gave the I-cord a really good steaming, hopefully that shrunk it up, making it ok to wash. The cord was pinned and machine stitched into place after the front bodice was assembled. (I promise that is not a pucker in the princess seam, just an unfortunate wrinkle after wearing it all day). 

The neckline is finished with bias tape, mine is navy polka dot of course. Just a cute surprise you can see when it's hanging on the hanger. I love this dress because it combines two craft universes. I might have to knit trim for every dress now! 
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Friday, February 19, 2016

Ebba Sweater by Quince & Co.

Hey! I finished a sweater.  When I saw the Ebba Sweater while perusing Raverly for a new project it was true love. So much so that I immediately bought the pattern and the same yarn in the same colors. The pattern and they yarn are both from Quince & Co, which was a new to me yarn brand that I was very happy with. 100% made in America yarn, at a reasonable price, yes please. 

The yarn is called Chickadee which is a sport weight wool yarn, very classic and old school. I really liked how it knit up, and looked even better when it was blocked. I was surprised when the yarn was delivered that the lightest color was a light blue not a whiteish color like it looks like in the pattern picture.

This sweater was my first time steeking! I was a little hesitant at first but then found it to be super easy. Steeking is basically knitting a tube and then cutting it open later to insert the sleeves. That first little snip really got my heart pumping! 


The biggest problem I had with this sweater was the amount of yarn it called for. I bought exactly what the pattern called for (knowing it was way too much) knitted with the correct gauge and ended up with FIVE extra skeins of yarn. My size told me to buy 10 skeins of the light blue, 2 of the dark blue and 1 red. I had 4 of the light blue left and 1 dark blue. GRRR. I contacted Quince and co and they fixed the yarn amount and let me exchange the yarn. I just hope that since it was a pattern released by the pattern company they weren't inflating the numbers to sell more yarn. 

But now I have more issues with the exchange. Double GRRR. I picked out a fingering weight for my next colorwork project. Poppy and Bird's Egg are the colors, which looked cute together online. But when they came the colors were darker than picture and did not look good together. So I returned them for a store credit last week, but haven't heard anything back yet. A lot of trips to the post office for yarn!


Anyway, this is a super cute pattern and a great intro to steeking with instructions and an online tutorial too! It's warm without being hot, and so far has washed really well. I took these pictures when the snowfall was pretty in the morning before melting away in the afternoon. This winter has been weird. 

Happy Knitting!

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Vintage Plaid Jacket: Simplicity 3622

Oh hey 2016, how would you like a blog post? I've been making things this whole time but my pictures have not been cooperating. But this coat is too cute not to show off! 


The pattern is a vintage one I scored off of Etsy, Simplicity 3622. I shortened it so it would end at the hip. This is my first time really jumping in and working with plaid. I just haven't been that into it, but this wool is irresistible. Working at a fabric store is dangerous, every time I walked by the wool section I could picture the coat in my head. I wanted a classic jacket, and this black and white plaid is perfect for it. Cutting it out was a bit nerve-wracking. There is a lot to think about, what needs to match up and where to line up the bolder stripe.

I cut out the wool using the tutorial from Sewaholic. Pinning the plaids stripes together so you can cut the pieces doubled. This was easy and all of my pieces are identical. Then I just made sure my notches were at the same spot for pieces that would be connected.

The welt pockets went in easily, I followed the directions that came with the pattern, Vintage patterns have the best directions. They don't skip over steps to make it "Sew Easy". For the bags of the pockets I used black pocketing fabric I bought from etsy. 

For the interfacing I mainly followed the pattern's directions are using muslin for interfacing and basted it on. I used fusible interfacing for the peter pan color, and the hems. The sleeves were eased in trying to match the stripes up as best as possible. Then I added the sleeve heads.

The buttons were difficult to pick out. Black, just faded away, different colors weren't working so eventually I picked these tan buttons. That's the good thing about working at a fabric store, you can obsess over buttons everyday until you finally pick the right ones. 

The lining is a sunback satin in a cream color. The coat is warm but not a full on winter coat warm. I wanted it to fit over some of my bulkier sweaters so that will keep me extra warm. The pattern included directions to add the back pleat, something which is missing from most of new the coat patterns I have seen. I always add a pleat and a back stay out of muslin. 

Well I'm glad to be finally finished with this jacket, and hopefully it will stop raining/snowing so I can wear it!

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Monday, December 7, 2015

Stitch in Time, Dinah's Lacy Sweater

This sweater is two years in the making! I started it in AUGUST 2013. I knit the entire back, and started the front and then just left it for two years. I picked it up again in October and finished it quickly, I don't know why I was putting it off! 

The pattern is from Stitch in Time vol. 2, a lovely book with a lot of cute vintage knitting patterns in it. Most of them are knit with the tiniest needles. This is the Dinah's Lacey Sweater a pattern from the 1930s. It was actually very simple to make but the tiny needles needed, size 3, made me put it down for two years, The stitch is a twisted lacy rib. 

The yarn is an angora wool blend from St Magnus D.K. I made a hat out of this a few years ago and dreamt of a sweater from it ever since. It's so soft and fluffy! It's not itchy at all, I love wearing it. I had to order it from Dragon Yarns in Gloucestershire, UK. I can't find it anywhere in the US, and I had to patiently wait for it to come. And then the post office held it hostage because they wanted a signature! AHH! I wish somewhere closer sold it. but I would totally buy it again, it's so lovely.

I made some minor changes to the pattern. I didn't make the short sleeves as long as the picture. Maybe that was a mistake, as I kinda look big in the sweater but whatever. I also didn't put a button and loop and then neck. I'm not about being choked by my sweaters. 

The only downside is that it kinda stretches out as you wear it. The sleeves did not look this huge after if finished it. But blocking a sweater always makes it look different. I'm just gonna roll with it and not let it bother me. 

I'm so happy this is finally finished! What's your longest knitting WIP?

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Cashmerette Appleton Dress

Here it is the famous Appleton dress! When I saw the announcement for a new pattern line from Cashmerette of a new pattern line where you wouldn't have to do a fba I jumped at the chance. Then I saw that there was a kit, so I quickly clicked buy before it sold out. I am tired of making decisions lately and a kit sounded perfect to me. 

The fabric is a black rayon spandex with white birds flying all over it. The fabric is lightweight and thin but not too thin. It's not the softest fabric, but it is still nice to wear. Looks like its sold out right now, so I guess there will be a lot of twins on the internet! 

I used the largest cup size, in size 14. I initially graded out in the hips but it made a weird bubble, and wasn't working, so I trimmed it back down on the serger. The 14 fits fine in the hips so I guess I didn't need to grade up.

The wrap definitely hugs the top and stays closed. I did wear a tank top under it, I'm not used to wearing a top so low. Next time I will make a full bicep adjustment. I was hoping I wouldn't have to being a knit, and that these patterns are for curvy ladies, but I guess I'm too curvy in the arms. Bleh, I think I hate adjusting sleeves as much as an FBA. 

The printed pattern came with the kit, and I love the way it's set up. The colorful book, the envelope, its all adorable. My only quibble is the glue on the pattern envelope. I had such a hard time trying to open it! Anyone else have this issue?

I made the whole thing on the serger, and used a double needle for all the hemming and topstitching. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me using wonder clips with the serger. I still feel the need to pin with knits, especially with the sleeves and matching up notches. And using wonder clips instead of pins is a foolproof way not to run them over with the serger. Pins are easy to overlook, but not wonder clips. 

The directions were clear, the only part I had to stop and think about was sewing the ties to the neck pieces. But after my coffee in the morning I read the directions again, and got it. Late night sewing is not a good time for direction reading. The neckline is stretched to fit, and the fabric wouldn't stay still so I basted it with the machine first and then serged over the basting. 

I wore this dress out on Saturday, which was a cold and windy night. Woo, you have to be careful in this dress when the wind blows! I am happy to have a basic wrap dress that fits well and I can rely on to throw on and go out and look gooooooood. This dress came together in two short sessions, I actually made two dress this week, this one and my cotton and steel picnic dress, so it is a quick and satisfying project. 


I am so excited to see what pattern Jenny is going to come out with next. Maybe a button down shirt? Wouldn't that be amazing with no fba? 

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Christmas Dress: Vintage Butterick 9566

 Oh hello there. I'm back with another holiday dress. That's all I seem to post lately. This dress is the dresss of my Christmas dreams. I fell in love with the fabric at Fabricland and snatched up a few yards of it. It was on a mysterious bolt, and seems to be a vintage repro fabric. It is a very light quilt weight cotton, 45" wide. Fabricland also happened to have rick rack and buttons that perfectly match so score.

I wanted to make something vintage looking to go with the dress, but the subtle stripes kept me from choosing anything with princess seams. Then I remembered Butterick 9566 in my stash, and did a quick fba and muslin. The bust darts were very pointy, so I angled them down to make a french dart instead which worked much better for me. 

I made the dress a little differently than the directions, mainly because I didn't want to deal with the opening in the front of the skirt. So I made an invisible zipper in the back, and the bodice is just attached to the front so the whole thing doesn't hang open. The skirt is also from a modern pattern because I need to be able to move in this dress and didn't want to deal with all the fabric. The bodice is underlined in yellow, which makes the unusual color stripes pop a bit more, and the skirt is lined with the same. 

I think I look like I belong in one of my favorite Christmas movies; Pee Wee's Christmas Special, which is now streaming on netflix. Miss Yvonne and Annette Funicello have such great costumes in this movie!

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! 
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Vintage Butterick 9566: Cotton + Steel Picnic Dress

AHH! This dress came out better than I expected, don't you love when that happens?  I have been dreaming of this dress for months waiting for the Cotton + Steel fabric to arrive at Fabricland (we had to wait for the second printing!). I just love the vintage vibe to it, I mean it has Pyrex on it! When it finally arrived the print was a lot bigger than I was imagining, so I was stumped of what dress to make with it. Finally I remembered Butterick 9566.

This is my second version of Vintage Butterick 9566. The first one is my Christmas dress, which is one of my favorite dresses, so I thought another one was in order! The bodice was already fitted, I did an FBA, and made the sleeves bigger than the original pattern. I also angled the bust dart more like a french dart, which I think gives it such a good fit. There is only thing I need to change about the pattern if I make it again, the sleeve has too much ease, it's hard to get it to fit without any blips. 

 What I like most about the pattern, is the opportunity to add my favorite thing: RICK RACK.  I think I bought 6 yards of this rick rack which is woven in different pastel colors, and that still wasn't enough. I was planning on doing another row at the hem so I might go and buy some more for that. The rick rack is all around the neckline, down the front of the buttonhole side bodice, around the sleeves and all around the hem. 

The buttons are adorable and very special. They are from the world famous sewing cave of Diary of a Sewing Fanatic! Thanks Carolyn! I had these in my stash and they are the perfect thing, so lucky!

Needless to say, I am very happy with the dress and thinking of more versions of it! 

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