Saturday, September 11, 2010


My new obsession is dying stuff. I want to dye everything. And the Rit website is so much fun and inspiring. Did you know you can dye plastic white buttons??!!! This is life changing. No more emergency trips to M&J because I can't find cute buttons. Well maybe I still need to go there, my point is no more button agony! And you can dye wood, yes wood. I'm going to dye an hand-down-end table that is just too light a wood color, maybe green, or anything its dye you can mix it and make any color! So what have I dyed you ask, well let me show you...

I took this boring white bath rug from costco

Mixed together lemon yellow and and smidgy bit of teal...

And Voila! The perfect shade of green. When you first mix the dye together it is very very dark. But I had faith in the Rit dye chart from the website and went with it, and its fabu.

It looks so much better than boring white, and pulls together the entire bathroom. We were going for a beachy cabana theme. Love it .

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