Sunday, September 12, 2010

Vintage Postcards

Here is what I did to spruce up this ugly old nightstand from the attic. I don't have a before picture because it was just too depressing. I changed the dated brass hardware to new silver ones, and to cover the damaged and stained top I got a piece of glass and put these fabulous post cards under it. It is no longer a ugly nightstand but a cute showcase!

I just love the bathing beauties in these old postcards, and some are used and have the little messages on the back. One postmarked from 1954 says:

"Hi Gerry,
Greetings from Seaside. It's been perfectly wonderful down here & wait till you see the tan I'm getting. The water has been super - so nice & warm. Hope you aren't melting with the heat.         - Sylvia"

The postcards go with the rest of the artwork in my room, which also happen to be bathing beauties. Loving my room by the beach, check it out.
Score from Homegoods.
This is Luna, I named her from the store she is from:
Stella e Luna in Point Pleasant, NJ

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  1. Thank you for name-dropping us (Stella e Luna) in your blog! So glad you love that Retro Diver Girl! She is just the cat's meow!

    Tell all your friends to visit us,
    Stella e Luna
    500 Bay Ave. in Point Pleasant Beach