Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mohair Cardigan

Sometimes a simple project takes a ridculous amount of time. This is the sweater I blogged about in September, made out of Rowan kidsilk haze. I started this cardigan YEARS ago, and restarted it a year ago, after a disaster with the first orginal. I've finally made some progress, and now i'm feeling lazy again. I have a long, long strip to knit that will become the ties and the facing around the neck. The problem with this yarn is that you knit 10 rows and can hardly see any progress. I have to knit at least 114cm more!

I'm not feeling motivated, I want to knit my spring sweater! How does everyone stay motivated when working on a tedious project?

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  1. Oh, I know this feeling, especially with knitting! This is how I do it when I am tired of a project and want to finish it no matter what, I would break up the remaining 114 cm into 6x20cm. I would then set a goal of finishing 20cm every day - in 6 days it is done. I would also (this may sound complicated, but it helps) put aside in a glass jar 6 small chocolate bars, and every day I reach my goal of 20 cm I would treat myself to a chocolate. This way I can see my progress. How does it sound?

  2. I don't, which explains my large number of UFO's....[big sigh]

  3. Great Advice! Thank you i'm going to try it