Thursday, March 31, 2011

Me Made March Final Days

 Day 22
Me Made skirt
Liberty for Target blouse

Day 23

Day 24
Me Made Coat!
Antropologie Hat

Day 25
Me Made cowl
Green knit blazer

Day 26

Day 27
Anthropologie skirt
Boden butterfly shoes

Day 29

Day 30
Me made Miette Cardi
Boden tee

Day 31
Me Made Beignet skirt
Boden Blazer ( I just got it from the warehouse sale)

Yay! One month of outfits centered around something I made wasn't all that hard. I have a lot more sweaters than I realized. I barely repeated ourfits! That's a bit crazy, and yet I have 3 more on my needles. I couldn't wear as much sewn items as I would have liked because they are either very wintery or its still too cold to wear them. I'm also glad I don't have to take a picture everyday.
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