Friday, July 1, 2011

Amsale Wedding Gown

I have fantastic news and I can't hold it in anymore! I won a wedding dress, but not just any wedding dress. AN AMSALE GOWN!! Amsale has always been my favorite wedding dress designer, all the dress are completely gorgeous. Anytime I've seen a gorgeous gown in a movie,a TV show or in print it has always been Amsale. 27 Dresses, When in Rome, Grey's Anatomy, The Hangover and Runaway Bride all featured beautiful Amsale dresses. America Ferrera just got married last weekend in a Christos by Amsale gown. I get to have one too!

We TV has a new wedding show Amsale Girls (Sunday nights at 10pm), which features the ladies that work in the Amsale flagship salon in NYC. It puts other wedding dress shows to shame. When they announced the show I was so excited to get an inside peek into these modern wedding dresses. Then I got engaged (yay!) and then they announced a dream dress giveaway, so I knew I had to enter. I started my twitter account and tweeted the message that popped up during the show, and the day after I got a message that I won. I still can't believe it! I get to go to the flagship salon on Madison ave and pick out a gown I love. My own personal couture!

Let's look at the dresses!

Blakely, Faille de Soie fabric (does anyone know what that means?)

Calista made of Windsor Duchess and Tulle.
Amelie made of silk faille and crystal buttons. I loved this dress since it was on an episode of My Fair Wedding, maybe two years ago.

Kendall dress made with silk radzmir, not sure what kind of silk that is either. So much to learn about fabric.
Aren't they gorgeous? All pictures are from the Amsale Website.

Be sure to watch it this Sunday July 3rd, and get a sneak peek into the Amsale Runway show, and hopefully some of the construction of the gowns. I'm not sure what I will choose, but I'm keeping my mind open, to see what looks best.

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  1. Congratulations, Erika! So cool!

    Faille de soie just means silk faille, in French :-)

  2. @Gail thanks Gail! It's so fancy it's in French, I love it

  3. Congrats!!!! They have some beautiful dresses!!

  4. OMG!!!!!! How fabulous. Those dresses are gorgeous!!!

  5. Wow... That is incredible Oi! My dress came off of the clearance rack after a local store messed my first one up... May it be a fairytale for you!

  6. Certainly, you won't have anything to pass on to your girl, yet at that point your dress may be totally obsolete at any rate. silk sarees collections