Thursday, March 29, 2012

Clover Pants

Well here they are, my Clover pants. The Clover pants, from Colette Patterns are the first pants pattern I have ever made. I did version 1, which are ankle length and have front pockets. I posted my muslin, and I think that I fixed the majority of the problems. I used the same stretch cotton sateen from Joann's Fabric with 3% stretch, on these pants as my muslin, so I didn't have any fitting surprises with the fabric.

The muslin had several problems. The crotch was sitting a smidge too low, which means I have a long torso. I lowered the crotch curve in the back for a deeper curve,and it sits much better. I lengthened the front and back above the crotch, as a result of my long torso. The back now sits better. I also added width at the thighs and rear.

For the pockets I just a bit of muscle car print quilting cotton I had. It gives it a little bit of a hot rodder vibe. I had some problems with the finishing of these pants. I had a temporary brain malfunction and sewed the zipper on the right side, which is embarrassing. And then I went a little serger crazy and made a HOLE on my upper left thigh. I think my last project, the Starlet Suit Jacket, went together too easily so this was my sewing karma payback.

I'm loving the way these pants look with the sweater I knitted. (It's the tie back shell from Knitscene Magazine) I will be making these pants again, once I decide on a color, or even a print, and hopefully I won't serge any holes in them.

ahh VPL! Please ignore this

car pockets!

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  1. You did this so quickly! I procrastinated all day yesterday about this, so today I'm going to dive in. I think you got lucky only having to make one muslin! I've been reading so much about these that I've gotten my head into a funk - thoroughly confused now!

    I love your sweater :-) And I wanted to buy those same Boden flats, but didn't ;-)

  2. Love these! (I know I say that about pretty much everything you make - it's true, though!)They're super cute and just right for spring. I'm still too scared to try pants, but all the clovers I'm seeing popping up has got me thinking...maybe next spring? Anyway, nice work!

  3. It looks great! they fit you very good, I would like to do a pair of those!

  4. Isn't it funny how we look at the challenging projects as a strange kind of karma?? :-)

  5. these look fantastic on you. well done

  6. Wow, great pants. The fit is beautiful.

  7. PS: The sweater is really nice too!