Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lauriel Cardigan

Even though I've been busy with the starlet suit jacket, I put the final touches on my red cardigan. This is the lauriel cardigan from Ysolda Teague, featured in the book Little Red in the City. I used the recommend yarn: manos del uruguay silk blend in the color tomato. My buttons, which I love, are from M&J trimming in NYC. I got a gift certificate for Christmas, which I also used on a bit of matching ribbon for the button bands.

I've knit with the yarn before but for some reason it was FULL of knots. The yarn had been broken at least once per skein and then the ends knotted together. So I had to weave in a lot of extra ends, which is annoying. 

I'm not all that happy with the fit, I made a swatch, checked my gauge and tried on as I went and it still seems a little big. I made some slight changes from the original sweater. I omitted the extra pattern details on the waist, and the sleeve, for a simpler design. I made the sleeves 3/4 length as well, I like my sleeves that length.

I also tried a different finishing technique, I hand sewed grosgrain ribbon to the button band, after attaching the buttons. Just a simple slip stitch to attach the ribbon, and it gives the buttons a clean look and a little more stability.

The pattern was very clear and well written, as well as had a great range of sizes: 30-58. I suspect that the sizes run a little big, the other sweaters that I have seen seem on the larger size too. If I make another sweater from her book, I will definitely make the next size down.

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  1. fabulous! If only I could get my knitting back on track! I'm knitting my first sweater and made the mistake of getting a little bit too into the Audrey Hepburn Bio I was watching. Tried to rip out and made it worse!
    I will get there in the end its the impatient sewist in me!
    I adore the colour and the buttons go really well! xx

    1. Thanks Stevie!
      I know sewing makes everything seem so much slower

  2. I love,love this sweater. SO pretty.Red is my favorite color!! the buttons are just perfect.. Looks fantastic on you.

  3. Those buttons are the cutest! And I LOVE this colour on you. Looking lovely! I really need to learn how to knit...

  4. Fantastic color! It really does suit you. I really like those under-bust gathers too!

  5. Thanks for the complements! the buttons are really cute..