Thursday, March 1, 2012

Me-Made-March again!!!

I think I've gone crazy! I'm going to do Me-Made-March Again! Last year, I took the pledge to wear something that I made everyday in March, and post my outfit online.  I am following the same guidelines this year, but I have a lot more clothes to choose from!

Zoe who hosts the Me-Made challenges, is doing another one in May, but I think I have more clothes to wear in March. Today, on a whim I decided to take the pledge again.  Last year's challenge really helped me to lose weight, by seeing what I looked like everyday. I also saw just how far I had come with some of the things I have sewn and knit.  I am looking forward to learning something new this year.

Today I am wearing my Roobios dress I just fixed, a Boden Cardigan, and rocking some purple tights and shoes.  I also have some new projects that are in the works, that are close to completion. I am working on a knitted cardigan sweater; one more sleeve left, a blouse and the Starlet Suit Jacket.  Are any other bloggers taking this challenge? Am I crazy?
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  1. I'm not taking the challenge...maybe next year? I am always inspired by bloggers who do take this on. For me, I would not have enough to wear, so I need to work on that. I'm sure your Me Made March will be great, and I'm looking forward to seeing what all you wear, in what ways! PS--That green cardigan is fab!

  2. I failed utterly when I tried to do it in September. Wearing me-made items is easy; getting myself to take pictures was not!

    1. I finally bought a tripod, makes everything so much easier