Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vintage Sewing Contest

I've entered my dress in pattern review's vintage sewing contest. Please take a minute and vote for me! The voting ends on the 25th.

In other news I'm working on finishing my next vintage sewing patternm Simplicity 3473. So far it's not as cute as the picture. I was planning on wearing it tonight, for my fiance's police academy graduation but, I just don't feel right in it. It's too big right now, and the darts aren't acting right, and I feel a little bit frumpy in it. I will finish it today and see how it looks. Anyone else ever have this problem?

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  1. Done! I hope you win - this dress is a winner!

  2. You just can't win them all you know. The worst thing about sewing is that you really don't get to try it on before you make it. At least you have the pink one which is gorgeous!

  3. Wow that dress is beautiful the colour looks so good on you. I wish I saw this yesterday so I could vote for it. Hope you did well anyway!!