Monday, November 26, 2012

Portrait Blouse

This is my first project from the new book Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing. Needless to say, I love this book. I love the illustrations, I love the projects, I love all the vintage sewing tips, I just love it all.
For this project, the portrait blouse, I followed all of the instructions and suggestions implicitly, and it really made a difference in the final product. I used a silk print I had from Mood, silk organza for the facings, and hand -overcast the the seams. I made a straight size 10, the only adjustments was to add 3 inches to the length, but left the length of the tucks in place, and add some more space for the armholes. The zipper length was adjusted to 12", and I did a hand picked lapped zipper as instructed.
This is a really versatile blouse, and a really good staple for a wardrobe. I have a million cardigans and skirts I can wear it with, even with jeans. I'm already plotting another version, with some stashed fabric. It will have to wait because I'm ready to make the pencil skirt from the book next!
Hidden lapped zipper

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  1. its beautiful! Great to see you back Erika! x

  2. This turned out so lovely! I, like you, am nuts for Gertie's book. I also made the portrait blouse first, made similar adjustments to mine, and just love love love the result. Excited to see what you turn the pencil skirt pattern in to!

  3. Lovely - it gives such a great silhouette at the back... or maybe that's just you!! :) Looks great, and good to hear the instructions were worth their salt. I have this book but yet to decide what to make first. decisions!

  4. hi, just wanted to confirm did you change the neckline at all? As it looks smaller than the image in the book.

    1. Lady- It is the same, maybe it sits higher on me or something.

    2. Its because I'm planning on making this blouse next but I changed the neckline as I wanted to add a peterpan collar (also going to add some I'm wondering if I should have left it alone.