Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Do you like my hat? No I do not.. Goodbye, Goodbye

Because this year's Project Fabricland's advanced students were participating in a "Head to Hem" challenge, I needed to make a hat to wear to the fashion show too!

 And what could be better than a sewing machine hat?! The Bernina sewing machine is from a music box that was on sale at Fabricland. It was a little bit damaged so I got it for only $5!. I knocked the machine off the music box base, and started to design my hat. I happened to have the perfect size mini wooden spool, so I threaded the machine! 

For the base I covered two layers of buckram (for extra support) with the fabric I used for my Cambie dress. The bottom layer is covered with pink wool felt and the edge is finished with a bit of grosgrain ribbon. It's kinda wobbly so I attached the hat part to a headband by sewing two loops of elastic through all the layers. Then I used my high heat glue gun to glue the plastic machine to the base. 

That's it! I got a ton of looks with this accessory. Not everyone thought it was fabulous. But I know it is!


My boss Nancy and I workin' our hats, and me-made outfits!

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  1. Brilliant hat and fabulous Cambie! I'm working on my second one at the moment. Also love the 'go dog go' reference, my son learnt to read with that book!

  2. It's totally awesome!! So creative!

  3. Love your hat, and I love the "Go Dog Go" reference!! Also, I really like your Cambie. I just got that pattern and I'm looking forward to making it soon!

  4. It's absolutely fabulous and clearly you are too for having the confidence to rock so much awesomeness.

  5. Love your hat. You have such style!

  6. Adding some quirk to a hat is never a bad idea! Very cute and unique:) BTW your quilted dress in one of your previous posts is AMAZING. Such a good way to use up left over fabric. Really really love this dress:) It looks like it was well worth the effort