Friday, February 13, 2015

Two Valentines Day Wreaths


HAPPY GALENTINES DAY! Today is Galentines day, where we celebrate our lady loves. So thanks for reading my blog ladies, you are the best, and this creative community of awesome ladies that make things is the best.

So lately I've been obsessed with holiday wreaths. You have seen the Christmas wreaths I have made, but I also made a Thanksgiving wreath, and am collecting for an Easter wreath. But today I wanna show you my Valentines Day wreath.

This is a big one! I used a 12 inch wreath form, and covered it in this fabulous gingham garland from the craft store, Michaels. Then I added the large green BE MINE plate, with hot glue. The rest of the hearts are collected from craft stores and pier 1 had some valentines ornaments, the polka dot ones and the raffia one. It's seriously fabulous. I also made one for my Mom, which may be even cuter.


This wreath took me 5 minutes. It's the easiest way to display the cute Valentines cards out there. These are repro vintage ones, but I would love to collect the real thing. Especially the vintage sewing ones, Sew Cute! To make this wreath I started with a wire wreath form, cut strips of some heart fabric I had left over from last years, Valentines dress, and wrapped them around the form. I just pinned the strips into place, I was being seriously lazy. Then all you need to do is clip cards to the strips of fabric. I made a hook with some rick rack.

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